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“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg

The Downside of Travel Blogging

  If you can't tell, I LOVE traveling. Friends have the impression that I'm always on a trip! I'm not. Well, not really. I have a day job. After all, I'm out crusading in Texas, defending people's lives and liberty. Sometimes thankless work, but always...

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Volunteering in Cuba

Who wants to go to Cuba? Who wants to find out about volunteering in Cuba? Who wants to volunteer on a farm? Wait! Hear me out! I know what you’re thinking…I’m in Cuba and you’re asking me if I want to volunteer on a farm? Are you serious?! I’m absolutely,...

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Wednesday Wanderer: The Real Japan

Meet Rob Dyer who is from England and has been traveling since he was a young teenager. The youngest of three children, Rob mainly travelled with his parents, as his siblings are 10 and 9 years older than him. As a blogger, Rob created his...

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Wednesday Wanderer: Mackintosh Travels

  Meet Cynthia, a travel enthusiast who loves to travel so she can see and experience new things. She is a national and international travel blogger with a family of four, her husband and two sons. She has a full-time job as a Spanish teacher, but enjoys...

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Texas Off the Beaten Path

The Lone Star State has a lot to offer and I’m here to take as much of it in as I can. If you read my post about my current health scare, you know I’ve been grounded from doing much international traveling. In some ways, I feel like my scare with blood clots has taken...

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Wednesday Wanderer: Above Average Nate

This week on the Wednesday Wanderer, we'll be getting to know Nate Johnson of Above Average Nate. He's no stranger to traveling. Nate's love for travel started at a young age when he traveled around the United States with his family. Before Nate reached high school,...

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Travel Blues: Invasion of the Blood Clots

Hi. My name is Tifanee and I have a saddle pulmonary embolism. I was told a standard hospital stay for saddle PE is a week to 2, maybe longer. I was in the hospital for almost 2 days before being released, the state of my good health the culprit for my...

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Wednesday Wanderer: Surviving on a Shoestring

Welcome to the Wednesday Wanderer Series! This is the first entry for this series and I'm excited to be featuring travel blogger Charisse Sobers of Surviving on a Shoestring, who is also a good friend of mine. Charisse, is the creator and key content...

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Top 7 Things to Know: The Cuba Edition

I’m back from beautiful Cuba and it was nothing short of amazing! I loved everything about my hop, skip, and a jump over the sea to the island of Cuba. Well…not everything. I could have done without the acid spraying tiny fire ants, but I digress....

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2017 Liebster Award Winner

I’ve been personally blogging since 2012, but it’s taken me awhile to follow my real dream, having my own travel blog. Third time’s a charm, they say. I revamped and started Travel for Stamps anew in July. When I was nominated, I had no idea what the Liebster Award...

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About Me

Welcome and howdy, from the great state of Texas! I'm a licensed attorney that just so happens to be in love with traveling the world, including my own playground, the USA. Buckle up and take flight with me around the globe.

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